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    Mountain Biking in Bolivia

    We have received warnings from members about the many dangers of using cut-price mountain biking agencies from La Paz. Reports of serious accidents occurring on the “World’s Most Dangerous Road” route to Coroico have filtered down to us — accidents that happen when a) the bikes used are not capable of coping with the conditions related to the type of riding involved and/or b) no instruction and guidance was given before and during the ride.

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    Always check that the bike is a decent brand (for example: KONA, TREK or CANNONDALE), preferably US- or UK-built and in good condition. Cheaper Asian bikes do not have the capability to withstand the road conditions in the region. Also make sure to ask whether the guides have ample riding experience, can give instruction in English, will be riding with the group, and have radios. For a list of recommended agencies, contact one of the clubhouses.