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Trip reports are written by travelers (members and non-members alike). These are enormously popular and provide up-to-date, hard-to-find specialized information on just about everything–discount airfares; lodging; language schools; travel conditions; volunteer opportunities, hiking, mountaineering, and kayaking equipment; local outfitters; collecting permits; guides, and uncountable other topics.

Online Trip Reports

Here’s a sample of trip reports submitted electronically on this web site. We still get numerous reports the old fashioned way of the post, fax, and other circuitous routes, so until they are converted to web page format, not all trip reports that exist will be available.

Members (sorry, this service is for members only), if you would like to order non-web trip reports, e-mailing your request to or by calling (607)277-0488. Trip reports are 25 cents per photocopy.

If you have gone on a trip recently and have comments, helpful hints or juicy tidbits about travelling in a particular country or region, or about travel to South America in general, submit a trip report!

The South American Explorers  takes no responsibility for reports placed here.

South America (Covers any report of 2 or more countries)

Central America










Uruguay (no on-line trip reports at this time)


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