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Issue 60, 61, 62, 63*, 64 and 65 to be listed soon.
Issue 59, Spring 2000
Ecuador: Heroes Wanted
Easter Island: Statue-Moving Theories: A Field Test
Peru: Inca Trail Discovery at Machu Picchu
Amazon: Memories of a Ship Voyage
Issue 58, Winter 1999
Argentina/Chile: In Patagonia: Chasing Chatwin
Peru: Coropuna: Inca Mountain Temple
Paraguay: Perspectives
Venezuela: Ruth Robertson: First Expedition to Angel Falls
Guatemala: A Camera for Valerio: Reflections
Ecuador: Chimbo: Fireworks Capital
Issue 57, Autumn 1999
Peru: The Many Meanings of Cuzco
Colombia: Soap Stars, Soldiers and Cigarettes Ecuador: Portraits of Ecuador
Peru: Choquequirao: Report from the Field
Argentina: Prison at the End of the World: Ushuaia
Easter Island: Wacko Theories, Part III
Issue 56, Summer 1999
Ecuador: Tigua Art
Club News: SAEC Fights to Save Name
Colombia: The Correlejas; Running of the Bulls
Easter Island: Wacko Theories, Part II
Guyana: Rarely Seen Birds
Brazil: Impressions of Paraty
Issue 55, Spring 1999
Reflections on Sangay
Peru: Peter Frost–Desert Adventure
Venezuela: Alexander von Humboldt on Dirt-eating Tribes
Mapping the Patagonian Ice Cap
Easter Island:
Wacko Theories, Part I
Issue 54, Winter 1998
Argentina: Aconcagua: Life at 22,000 Feet
Cape Horn: Through the Drake Passage
So. Am: Traveler’s Bible: History of the S. A. Handbook
Guatemala: Race Day, Todos Santos
Venezuela: In Quest of the Yanomami
Issue 53, Autumn 1998
Galapagos: Evolution Revisited
Amazon: A Shaman’s Apprentice: Mark Plotkin Interview
Peru: Losing Your House in the Jungle, Boca Manu
Paraguay: Road Adventure
Peru: El Niño and The Fall of Empires
Issue 52, Summer 1998
Ecuador: La Capitana, Treasure Galleon
Andes: Andean Thievery
Brazil: Dune Buggying in Natal, Brazil
Peru: Economic Boom in Red Dye, Chilca
Argentina: Motorcycle South
Ecuador: Revelations in Vilcabamba
Issue 51, Spring 1998
Peru: Hunting Medicines of the Machiguenga
Ecuador: The Last Days of Moritz Thomsen
Guyana: Bushwhacked on the Guyana Trail
So. Am: The Ups and Downs of Courier Travel
Uruguay: Classic Cars of Montevideo
Peru: Inca Choqek’iraw Revealed
Issue 50, Winter 1997
20th Anniversary Issue
Bolivia: Vintage Postcards
Peru: Mummy of Wariwilka
Guatemala: Semana Santa Festival
Amazon: Epic River Adventure, Revisited
Venezuela: Gran Sabana Vignettes
Issue 49, Autumn 1997
Belize: Jungle Expedition
Peru: Puya raimondii, Giant Plant
Argentina: Evita Perón, Argentine Obsession
Ecuador: Undersea Treasure
Ecuador: Ferrocarriles Ecuatorianos Railroad
Issue 48, Summer 1997
Florida: Sunken Peruvian Treasure
Bolivia: Solar Ovens
Ecuador: Love Story
Brazil: Salvador de Bahia Excursion
Peru: Covering Hostage Crisis
Issue 47, Spring 1997
Peru: Shawl Designs
Guatemala: Pacaya Volcano
Brazil: Neblina, Highest Peak
So. Am.: Photography How-To’s
Chile: Kayaking Rio Gallegos
Issue 46, Winter 1996
Peru: Hydrology of Machu Picchu
So.Am: History of S.A. Plane Crashes
Brazil: Tracking in the Pantanal
Colombia: Motorcycling in Colombia
Issue 45, Autumn 1996
Suriname: Giant Leeches
Bolivia: Knitting Cooperative
Peru: Surfing Guide
: William Walker, Part II
Issue 44, Summer 1996
Nicaragua: William Walker, Part I
Ecuador: The Herb Doctor–Ecuadorian Curandero
Brazil: Belem’s Market
Ecuador: Galápagos Scuba Diving
Cuba: Cuba Now and Then
Peru: Arpilleras
Issue 43, Spring 1996
Peru/Brazil: Commander Dyott and Colonel Fawcett
Ecuador: Commander Dyott Remembered
Peru: Sipan Archaeology Conference
Argentina: Kayaking Rio Cotahuasi Canyon
Peru: Orphanage in Piura
Chile/Arg.: Patagonia by Truck
Issue 42, Winter 1995
Peru: Making Sabotaje en la Selva
Guyana: Jungle Explorations
Colombia: Archaeology of San Agustin
Ecuador: Leishmaniasis
Ecuador: US & Ec. School Partnership
So. Am.: Festivals in South America
Issue 41, August 1995
Peru: Stones and Ancient Peoples
: Village Adventure
: Viewing the Eclipse
Chile: Climbing Mt. Pissis
: Uninhabited Isla Santiago
: Exploits of Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid
: Hitchhiking in Patagonia
Issue 40, May 1995
So. Am.: Ozone and Ultraviolet: Is S.A. at Risk?
Panama: Motorcycling the Darién.
South/Central: Epiphytes–Plants up a Tree
Venezuela: Angel Falls Discovery
Venezuela: The Angel Brothers’ Adventures
South Atlantic: Deception Island–Antarctic Peninsula Region
Venezuela: The Yanomamö
Ecuador: A Volunteer in the Rainforest
Issue 39, December 1994
Peru: The Re-Rediscovery of VIRA VIRA
Peru: The Ruins of VIRA VIRA
Peru: VIRA VIRA in Andean Context
Ecuador: Fishermen of Sua
Chile: Ghosttowns of Northern Chile
Issue 38, September 1994
Venezuela: A Geological Field Expedition in the Andes
Peru: The Clay Lick of Manu
Brazil: Preserving the Pantanal
Bolivia: Travelling in Bolivia
Peru: Kayaking the Colca Canyon
Argentina: Gran Bajo de San Julian
Issue 37, June 1994
Argentina: Wild-West Shows & Rodeos in the Early 1900’s
Brazil: Candomblé Rituals of Salvador de Bahia
Brazil: Rainforest Destruction in Rondonia
South Am.: How to Visit Sm. Islands w/o Destroying Them
Peru/Bolivia: Rocks and their Meaning in Andean Mythology
Issue 36, March 1994
Guyana: Botany Expedition
Equipment: Global Positioning Systems
S.America: Venomous Snakes
Falkland Isles: Stanley
Issue 35, November 1993
Suriname: Genealogy
Chile: Punta Arenas
Colombia: Dance Festival
Peru: Archaeology
Guatemala: Pacaya Volcano
Issue 34, June 1993
Ecuador: Train Ride
S. America: Languages
Venezuela: Cerro Kukenan
Peru: Ancient Water System
Peru: Television Assignment
Brazil: Ludwig Update
Issue 33, April 1993
Ecuador: Bullfighting
Brazil: Ludwig, Part II
Peru: Biking Story
Peru: Pusharo Petroglyohs
Issue 32*, January 1993
Brazil: Ludwig, Part I
Peru: Rafting the Napo, Part II
Peru: Machu Picchu Discoveries
Venezuela: Araya Peninsula
Brazil: Amazon
Issue 31, May 1992
Peru: Climbing Huascaran
Ecuador: Rafting the Napo, Part I
Chile: Mysteries of Easter Island
Peru: Barchans of La Joya
Issue 30, November 1991
Chile: Condor Study
Bolivia: Cholera Scam
Colombia: Precolumbian Pottery
Peru: Interview Vince Lee
Peru: Travel By Burro
Colombia: Lost City of the Tairona
Issue 29, May 1991
S. America: Source of Amazon
Peru: Robert Randall Tribute
Peru: Lost City Ramblers
Venezuela: Entomological Study II
Issue 28, February 1991
Venezuela: Entomological Study I
Brazil: Han Staden, Part III
Peru: Adoption
Peru: Travel by Bus
S. America: Bicycle Trip
Issue 27, November 1990
Peru: Padre Ortiz Mission
Costa Rica: Quakers in Monteverde
Brazil: Hans Staden, Part II
Paraguay: Richard Burton, War Correspondent
Chile: Paso Leon Trek
Issue 26, August 1990
Brazil: Hans Staden, Part I
Peru: 1941 Journey Down Huallaga
S. America: Heights of S.A. Mountains
S. America: Aguirre Controversy
Costa Rica: Bushmasters
Issue 25, May 1990
Peru: Prospecting for Gold
Venezuela: Climbing Auyantepui
Chile: Lake District Hike
Panama: Pearl Islands
Brazil: Tamarins
Peru: “Social Climbers” on Huascarán
Issue 24, January 1990
S. America: Courteville Expedition
Galápagos: Marine Iguanas
Antarctica: Kayaking
Peru: Earthwatch Project
Equipment: Compass for S.A.
Peru: Interview Barry Walker
Issue 23, November 1989
Ven./Brazil: Humboldt on the Casiquiare
Ven/Brazil: Casiquiare Mystery
S. America: S. America Cannibalism
S. America: History of Beer
Peru: Climbing in the Huayhuash
Chile: Boat Through the Fjords
Issue 22, August 1989
Peru: Puncuyoc, Inca Ruin
Ecuador: Bicycling
French Guyana: Adventure Story
Chile: Easter Island
Bolivia: Climbing Cololo
Issue 21, May 1989
: Amazon Tidal Bore
Amazon: Candiru Fish
Amazon: Trans-Amazon Road Rally
Peru: Tambopata Nature Reserve
Peru: Childhood in Peru, 1900’s
Issue 20, January 1989
Chile/Arg.: Skiing
Argentina: Penguins of the Valdez
Peru: Hiking Nevado San Juan
S.America: Interview John Brooks, Editor S.A. Handbook
Bolivia: Miners of Potosi
S.America: Notable Toilets
Issue 19, October 1988
Panama/Col: Walking the Darién
Galápagos: Non-Native Threats
Brazil: Portuguese Tapes
Peru: Looking for Paititi
Brazil: The Pantanal
S.America: Finding Work
Issue 18, August 1988
S.America: Aguirre, Wrath of God
S.America: Quinoa, the Mother Grain
Peru: Santa Catalina Convent
Bolivia: Bolivian Solars
Chile: Hiking Isla Navarino
Issue 17, May 1988
Peru: Interview Charles Munn, Macaw Expert
Suriname: 17th Century Scientist, Maria Sibylla Merian
Ecuador: Andean Experience
Peru: In Search of Caves
Peru: Taquile Island
S.America: Biking Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Part II
Issue 16, February 1988
S.America: Biking Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Part I
Ecuador: Ashuar Architecture
Peru: Kayaking Paucartambo, Part II
Bolivia: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
S.America: Interview with Loren McIntyre
Panama: Hiking El Baru
Issue 15, October 1987
: Kayaking Paucartambo, Part I
S.America: Voyages of Columbus
Bolivia: Amboro National Park
Peru: SAEC Club History
Argentina: Mountain Passes Through the Andes
Issue 14, July 1987
Galápagos: Island Plant Life
Venezuela: History of Roraima
Bolivia: Gold Fields of Tipuani
S. America: Tame Birds as Cultural Tracers
Issue 13, July 1986
Venezuela: The Yanomamö
Chile: Kayaking the West Coast
Peru: Gran Pajaten Controversy
Argentina: Lost El Meson Meteorite
Peru: Caving
Issue 12, September 1985
Venezuela: Kayaking the Amazon
Chile/Arg: Beagle Channel Dispute
Peru: Vilcabamba Revisited
Peru: Condor Study
Peru: Gran Vilaya
Venezuela: German Conquistadors
S.America: Foundation of International Community Assistance (FINCA)
Issue 11, August 1984
Venezuela: Jimmie Angel’s Lost City
S.America: Poison Dart Frogs
Ecuador: Indigenous Architecture
Chile/Arg: Beagle Channel Dispute I
Peru: Earthquake Prediction
Issue 10, June 1983
S.America: Andean Music
Peru: Solar Energy
Venezuela: Oilbirds
Bolivia: Takesi Trail
Chile: Huemul, Chile’s Deer
Issue 9, January 1983
: Kayaking
: Lost City of the Tairona
Brazil: Agassiz Expedition
Peru: Nazca Lines
Amazon Basin: Titi Monkeys
Peru: Aguaruna Folktale
Issue 8, August 1981
S.America: Pigafetta, First Tourist
Colombia: Lake Guatavita
S.America: S.A. National Parks
Peru: Huari Archaeology
Colombia/Ven: Search for S.A. Pygmies
Brazil/Arg: Itaipu Dam
Bolivia: Laguna Colorada
S.America: Mapping South America
Issue 7, December 1980
Panama/Col: Driving the Darién
Peru: Andean Dyes
Peru: Inca Trail Clean Up
S.America: History of S.A. Handbook
Ecuador: Searching for Treasure
Ecuador: The Curaray by Dugout, Part II
S.America: Explorer Aleixo Garcia
Issue 6*, May 1980
Ecuador: Monkeys
Ecuador: The Curaray by Dugout, Part I
S.America: The Golden Age of Guano
Chile/Arg: Patagonia
Andes: Travel with Pack Animals
S.America: The Botfly
Issue 5*, December 1979
Peru: Trek to Chavin
Peru: Colca Canyon
Colombia: Bari Indians
Ecuador: Cayapas Survey Expedition
S.America: Double Amputee Mountain Climber
S.America: Ancient Stone Inscriptions
Issue 4, April 1979
Andes: Enigmatic Whistling Huacos
Amazon: Ethnobotany with Nicole Maxwell
S.America: S.A. Bird Books
Amazon: Building a Balsa Raft
Amazon: Journey of Orellana
Peru: Dots of Pantiacolla
Issue 3*, August 1978
Venezuela: Maria Lionza Voodoo Cult
Bolivia: Underwater Treasure Hunting
S.America: Caving
Peru: Potato Hairs, Nature’s Pest Control
History: Life with the Aguarunas
Uruguay: Mysterious Death Tide
S.America: Jeep Across the Amazon
Issue 2, March 1978
S.America: Jeep Across the Amazon
Chile: Seagoing Mountaineers, Part II
S.America: Bird Speciation
Argentina: Jewish Gauchos
Andes: Royal Inca Highway
Peru: First Descent of the Marañon
Peru: Dots of Pantiacolla
Issue 1, October 1977
Peru: The “Extinct” Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkey
: Jeep across the Amazon, Part 1
Peru: Dots of Pantiacolla
Peru: Rafting the Urubamba
Chile: Juan Fernandez Islands
Chile: Sea-going

Mountaineers, Part I
Antartica: The Story of Krill