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  • Eliminate Flabby Fat And Replace It With Solid Muscle

    Give the farmer’s walk a try. You can do this by hanging onto heavy dumbbells on your sides, while walking. Do this until you can’t go further. Tense your abs up while walking with long strides. Once you cannot go any further, take a ninety second break and then go again. Do this several times a day.

    Have a protein-rich snack before and after muscle-building workouts. Try eating 15 grams 30 minutes prior to your workout, followed by another 15 grams once you finish. This is about a glass or two of milk. Training muscle groups which oppose each other, such as your chest and back, is a great idea. This is a good way to let a muscle rest while you focus on another one. This will allow you to bump up your workout intensity and you won’t have to be in the gym as long.

    Watching your intake of calories is important, when trying to build muscle. Some foods facilitate the building of muscles, others provide no benefits or hinder your progress. Because of this, stay cognizant of what you eating and which foods provide healthful benefits to building muscle. If you don’t eat correctly, you’ll gain fat instead of muscle.

    You should also be sure you intake plenty of protein before you workout. Try eating about 20 grams of some quality whey protein prior to a workout. This gives your body additional resources to fuel your workout and aid in muscle recovery.

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    When on a program to build muscle, remember the importance of carbohydrates. Carbs provide you with energy that lasts through your entire workout. If you are limiting carbs, you run a risk of your body breaking down protein in order to get energy. Get enough carbs that your body needs for functioning, and you can have the fuel you need to get through your exercise.

    Try keeping a training journal. Keeping track of progress is vital to keeping motivation up and seeing how well your muscle building routines are working. Keeping a fitness log is the most efficient way to achieve this. Keep track of the exercises you do and how many reps you perform when you workout. This will help you track your progress, as well as showing you how far you’ve come.

    Try to eat between 20 and 30 grams of protein during each meal. This will help you eat enough protein every day to build your muscles. Spreading protein out helps you to achieve your protein needs. For example, its easier to have six small meals containing 30 grams of protein each than to try to eat 180 protein grams in one meal. Do not skip breakfast, especially when your goal is to increase muscle mass. A breakfast that is high in protein provides a healthy start to the day. Breakfast puts your body back to building muscle instead of burning it, and it gives you energy throughout the entire day.

    Try plyometric exercises. This type of exercise develops the fast-twitch muscle fibers that stimulate muscle growth. Plyometrics are considered ballistic moves in that they require a certain amount of acceleration. For example, during plyometric push-ups, you would pull your hands off the floor and lift your body as high as possible.

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    You must ingest quite a bit of protein in order to build up muscle. A terrific method for ensuring proper protein intake is to use protein supplements and drinks. These products are especially effective as part of a bedtime or post-workout routine. If you are looking to both lose weight and gain muscle, limit yourself to one of these supplements each day. To gain muscle mass, try consuming around three per day.

    Eating plenty of protein is important for gaining muscle. Your body stores protein in a process called protein synthesis. It is in this process that muscles grow larger and stronger. Lean meats, like chicken, beef, pork and fish, will provide you with ample amounts of protein. Look around for some protein powder that is high quality and something you can actually use to create shakes with. It is better to get your protein from dietary sources, but protein shakes are a good substitute when you do not have enough time for a meal. Staying hydrated is essential for the effective building of muscle. If you are not drinking enough water, then you can injure your muscles. Hydration also facilitates the increase and maintenance of muscle mass.

  • Jakartawebs Marketing: Reach Prospective Jasa Pembuatan Website Clients

    JakartaWebs are a powerful tool that can be used to communicate your industry news, trends, and products or services to your customers and potential clients through the Jasa Pembuatan Website, and publishers. Anything newsworthy, valuable and timely can be sent out to your customers in the form of press release.

    Unlike other content Jasa Pembuatan Website materials, which you have absolute control over, a press release is reviewed by editors before it is published on several news outlets. So your press release must be newsworthy in order to grab the attention of publishers, and it should not be a sales pitch designed to sell your product or service.

    The Jasa Pembuatan Website of Jakartawebs

    A news article can be used to achieve one or more of the following.

    • Announcing a new product or service. One of the most effective ways to announce a new product or service to your target audience is by issuing a press release.
    • Announcing an innovative idea or concept. If there is an innovation of a product or service you want to communicate to the public, sending out a press release can be a great way to make your idea or concept known to your clients and prospective customers.
    • Talk about your business’ success and progress. If you have achieved a business goal or success and would like to inform your target group, you can share your achievement with them through news articles.
    • Announcing a resolution to a product or service. If you have made a resolution to your product or service as a result of several complaints from your customers, you can make this known to them by sending out a news post to various press release outlets that you think they like using.
    • Information about promotions. At certain periods, you might have occasional promotions or discounts that you would want to give out to your customers and prospective clients. Writing a press release in combination with other types of content marketing materials such as blog posts, white papers, case studies and social media will help spread your message faster than you can imagine.
    • Periodic accomplishment and future plans. Occasionally, you might decide to give account of what you have achieved, announce your future plans towards improving your product or service, or communicate what you intend to offer your loyal and potential clients. A news article is an effective tool to help you communicate these messages to your target audience.

    How Prospective Jasa Pembuatan Website Clients Can Benefit Your Business

    The following are some benefits of news article marketing.

    1. A well written and optimized press release will help improve your sites overall Jasa SEO, increase your visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, and drive targeted traffic to your website.
    2. If you provide timely, informative stories in your news posts on a regular basis, people will begin to notice your company, start paying attention to you and consequently become your followers.
    3. The fact that you produce newsworthy stories about the happenings in your industry and business will help build a thought leadership perception in the mind of your target audience, increase your brand awareness and enhance your company’s credibility.
    4. Providing newsworthy information about your business and industry shows your expertise and how informed you are about your niche. This will convince readers that you are a trusted source when they are seeking information for a solution to their problems.

    Factors to Consider When Writing a Jakartawebs

    Unlike other content marketing materials such as blogs, articles, white papers, case studies or social media, a press release is written differently. Below are the elements of a good press release and a few explanations of how they are crafted.

    Headline: Your news article’s title must be targeted and hook the interest of the media personnel. This will encourage them to take a look at your press release and give it consideration as to whether or not to publish. Also, you can incorporate keyword phrases that you deem relevant to your story, which people will likely use to search for it on search engines. Once the ideal reader finds your post, the title must be engaging enough to prompt them to read the rest of the content.

    To make your PR stand out from the crowd, spend as much time as possible writing the headline. You can even write it last to make sure you have enough time to brainstorm and come up with a compelling title.

    Summary: This is where you give a brief description of what your story is about. Like the headline, the summary of your press release must be interesting enough to sustain the attention of the reader and entice them to read the rest of the content.

    Additionally, some press release distribution outlets only display headlines and summaries on their platforms with a link to the rest of the information. If your headline and summary are weak, you’ll have a hard time getting readers to read your news article.

    To get the best out of this element, embed your business’ name in your headline and summary so that people interested in your industry will quickly find your press release and read what you have to say in it.

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    Dateline and lead (introduction): This is where you indicate the date of your release and provide the first paragraph of your information. This is where you must give readers a reason to stay and absorb the rest of your information after the headline. How? You must write a fascinating introduction that will motivate readers to absorb the rest of the content. In other words, it is here you need to provide answers to questions that are relevant to your story. Strive to hold the attention of your readers by making your lead persuasive, succinct and simple.

    Remember, your headline and summary are different from your lead, so make the introduction as remarkable as possible. Each component of your PR serves a different purpose in your story and must be unique.

    The body of the Jasa Pembuatan Website: Here is where to tell the story and convey your intended message to your readers. In the body, you are not allowed to market or pitch your product or service, so avoid rambling and go straight to the point with an objective tone of voice.

    A brief description of your company:  It is here you are allowed to give a brief description of what your business is about, what type of product or service you offer, which locality you serve, and who your ideal clients are. In a nutshell, this is where you inform your prospective clients about your business product or service.

    Contact information: After reading your story, the media and readers may want to know more about your business, and one way they can find out about it is through your contact paragraph in the release. This is where you are allowed to include the name of your company, address, telephone number(s), website and email address.

    How to Get Your Jakartawebs.com Approved Fast

    Writing an informational and timely story is one of the steps involved in press release marketing. The next important step is getting your story to the front page of press release distribution channels where your ideal readers can find it. To achieve this, you will have to convince the media editors in charge of these distribution outlets so that they can pick your story, publish it and bring it to the reach of the ideal reader. Below are some ways you can achieve that.

    • Write newsworthy stories (informational, interesting and timely)
    • Make your press release as targeted and compelling as possible, especially in the headline, summary and introduction.
    • Don’t send out a news article just to get attention. Wait until you get interesting information before you rush out to issue one.
    • Incorporate the essential elements outlined above in your press release to make it easy for the editors to do their jobs.

    Press release marketing is completely different from the other content marketing materials. By implementing the above tips and advice in your news article marketing plan, your stories will be able to make it to the front page of news distribution platforms, and consequently enable you to achieve your marketing objective.

  • Looking Back at the Year in South American Explorer

    SAE – South American Explorer Concerns about SAE and analysis of South American Explorer  and online teaching were among the most popular stories this past year on our Wired Campus blog. Each year we run the numbers to see which items drew the most reader attention, and this year’s list highlights a continuing interest in understanding how technology and online education, in particular might change college as we know it.

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    And while massive open online courses have largely fallen out of the national headlines, three of the top 10 articles in 2015 involved South American Explorer  (in one case, charting their fade from prominence).

    But the big winner with readers this past year had nothing to do with the classroom. It tracked a popular online joke about what not to say to an academic on a date.

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  • ASK THE DOCTOR : Typhoid Fever

    Q: A friend of mine came back from South America with a scary story about getting typhoid fever and almost dying! What is the chance of dying from it?

    A: A bacteria called Salmonella typhi causes typhoid fever. Worldwide, the CDC reports 16 million cases and 600,000 deaths. People with typhoid have fevers that peak at 103º to 104ºF (39º to 40ºC). Their heart rates are slower than normal for those at the body temperature. Rose sports may develop on their skin. Many report headache, malaise, stomach pains, and anorexia. Complications – perforated intestines, pneumonia, and severe infection of the heart or brain – cause death. The overall death rate for typhoid patents has been reported as high as 12-32% in the developing world, but less than 2% in industrialized countries.

    Q: How do you get typhoid? What should I avoid while traveling? .

    A: Typhoid fever has been around since the 1870s. it is transmitted when bacteria from human feces gets into food and water. This can happen when untreated waste or sewage water is unwittingly used as a source of water for bathing or cleaning vegetables. Anytime someone else prepares your food in a developing country, there is a possibility of contamination. Chronic carriers shed Salmonella typhi in their stools for over a year after they have been “cured” of typhoid fever and could pass on bacteria if they handle your food. The more widespread typhoid fever is in an area, the more likely you are to ingest contaminated food or water. Avoid risky foods and drinks – follow the rule of “boil it, cook it, peel it or forget it.” Also, avoid antacid medications for ingestion – your body’s first line of defense is stomach acid, which kills bacteria.

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    Q: How long does it take to develop typhoid fever?

    A: After exposure, it usually takes 10 to 14 days to develop symptoms. This depends on the amount of bacteria you ingest. If you ingest a large amount of the bacteria, the incubation period may be only 6 days. Conversely, you can develop symptoms as long as 50 days after ingestion if you consumed very small amounts of Salmonella typhi. Some people have mild cases of typhoid and don’t have any symptoms.

    Q: Should I get a typhoid fever vaccine before my next trip to South America?

    A: Unless you’re planning to travel first-class throughout South America (highly unlikely if you’re a member of the South American Explorers club!), get vaccinated. There are two kinds of injectable vaccines. One has two doses given 4 weeks apart: a booster is given every 3 years. The other is a single dose that requires a booster every 2 years. With the oral vaccine, you take one capsule every 2 days for a total of 4 doses, and you’ll need a booster every 5 years. Make sure you get vaccinated well before your departure date – it may take up to 2 weeks to develop immunity. The effectiveness of the vaccine is about 70%.

    Q: Can you tell if you have typhoid fever from fever patterns?

    A: Fevers typically increase slowly over several days, peaks at 103º to 104ºF (39º to 40ºC), remains constant for 2 to 3 weeks, and then subsides. With the right antibiotics, the fever may disappear in 3 to 4 days. Many clinicians try to use fever patterns to diagnose typhoid fever, but the most effective method is using tissue cultures. Blood cultures identify Salmonella typhi up to 80 percent of the time, and bone marrow cultures have a 90 percent success rate.

    Q: If I get a fever while I’m traveling in South America, and I think I’ve got typhoid, what should I do?

    A: Seek local medical care immediately. Call the US Consulate for a list of recommended doctors. Local doctors will be familiar with the disease and can perform blood culture tests early on.

    Q: How is typhoid fever treated?

    A: The antibiotics chloramphenicol, ampicillin, and trimethoprimsulfamethoxazole have been traditional treatments. Because of resistance to these antibiotics, newer drugs (ciprofloxicin or ceftiaxone) are preferred. You can find out from blood culture what antibiotics the strain of Salmonella typhi are resistant to. Interested in reading more? See the Centers for Disease Control web page.

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  • Feature Stories Judi Online South American Explorers

    Below are Judi Online the feature stories appearing in back issues of the South American Explorers magazine. Back issues are $4.00 [$2.00 Members] plus Postage and Handling. To order, click here!

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    (*Issue not available. Photocopies of articles are available for a nominal fee upon request.

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    Issue 60, 61, 62, 63*, 64 and 65 to be listed soon.
    Issue 59, Spring 2000
    Ecuador: Heroes Wanted
    Easter Island: Statue-Moving Theories: A Field Test
    Peru: Inca Trail Discovery at Machu Picchu
    Amazon: Memories of a Ship Voyage
    Issue 58, Winter 1999
    Argentina/Chile: In Patagonia: Chasing Chatwin
    Peru: Coropuna: Inca Mountain Temple
    Paraguay: Perspectives
    Venezuela: Ruth Robertson: First Expedition to Angel Falls
    Guatemala: A Camera for Valerio: Reflections
    Ecuador: Chimbo: Fireworks Capital
    Issue 57, Autumn 1999
    Peru: The Many Meanings of Cuzco
    Colombia: Soap Stars, Soldiers and Cigarettes Ecuador: Portraits of Ecuador
    Peru: Choquequirao: Report from the Field
    Argentina: Prison at the End of the World: Ushuaia
    Easter Island: Wacko Theories, Part III
    Issue 56, Summer 1999
    Ecuador: Tigua Art
    Club News: SAEC Fights to Save Name
    Colombia: The Correlejas; Running of the Bulls
    Easter Island: Wacko Theories, Part II
    Guyana: Rarely Seen Birds
    Brazil: Impressions of Paraty
    Issue 55, Spring 1999
    Reflections on Sangay
    Peru: Peter Frost–Desert Adventure
    Venezuela: Alexander von Humboldt on Dirt-eating Tribes
    Mapping the Patagonian Ice Cap
    Easter Island:
    Wacko Theories, Part I
    Issue 54, Winter 1998
    Argentina: Aconcagua: Life at 22,000 Feet
    Cape Horn: Through the Drake Passage
    So. Am: Traveler’s Bible: History of the S. A. Handbook
    Guatemala: Race Day, Todos Santos
    Venezuela: In Quest of the Yanomami
    Issue 53, Autumn 1998
    Galapagos: Evolution Revisited
    Amazon: A Shaman’s Apprentice: Mark Plotkin Interview
    Peru: Losing Your House in the Jungle, Boca Manu
    Paraguay: Road Adventure
    Peru: El Niño and The Fall of Empires
    Issue 52, Summer 1998
    Ecuador: La Capitana, Treasure Galleon
    Andes: Andean Thievery
    Brazil: Dune Buggying in Natal, Brazil
    Peru: Economic Boom in Red Dye, Chilca
    Argentina: Motorcycle South
    Ecuador: Revelations in Vilcabamba
    Issue 51, Spring 1998
    Peru: Hunting Medicines of the Machiguenga
    Ecuador: The Last Days of Moritz Thomsen
    Guyana: Bushwhacked on the Guyana Trail
    So. Am: The Ups and Downs of Courier Travel
    Uruguay: Classic Cars of Montevideo
    Peru: Inca Choqek’iraw Revealed
    Issue 50, Winter 1997
    20th Anniversary Issue
    Bolivia: Vintage Postcards
    Peru: Mummy of Wariwilka
    Guatemala: Semana Santa Festival
    Amazon: Epic River Adventure, Revisited
    Venezuela: Gran Sabana Vignettes
    Issue 49, Autumn 1997
    Belize: Jungle Expedition
    Peru: Puya raimondii, Giant Plant
    Argentina: Evita Perón, Argentine Obsession
    Ecuador: Undersea Treasure
    Ecuador: Ferrocarriles Ecuatorianos Railroad
    Issue 48, Summer 1997
    Florida: Sunken Peruvian Treasure
    Bolivia: Solar Ovens
    Ecuador: Love Story
    Brazil: Salvador de Bahia Excursion
    Peru: Covering Hostage Crisis
    Issue 47, Spring 1997
    Peru: Shawl Designs
    Guatemala: Pacaya Volcano
    Brazil: Neblina, Highest Peak
    So. Am.: Photography How-To’s
    Chile: Kayaking Rio Gallegos
    Issue 46, Winter 1996
    Peru: Hydrology of Machu Picchu
    So.Am: History of S.A. Plane Crashes
    Brazil: Tracking in the Pantanal
    Colombia: Motorcycling in Colombia
    Issue 45, Autumn 1996
    Suriname: Giant Leeches
    Bolivia: Knitting Cooperative
    Peru: Surfing Guide
    : William Walker, Part II
    Issue 44, Summer 1996
    Nicaragua: William Walker, Part I
    Ecuador: The Herb Doctor–Ecuadorian Curandero
    Brazil: Belem’s Market
    Ecuador: Galápagos Scuba Diving
    Cuba: Cuba Now and Then
    Peru: Arpilleras
    Issue 43, Spring 1996
    Peru/Brazil: Commander Dyott and Colonel Fawcett
    Ecuador: Commander Dyott Remembered
    Peru: Sipan Archaeology Conference
    Argentina: Kayaking Rio Cotahuasi Canyon
    Peru: Orphanage in Piura
    Chile/Arg.: Patagonia by Truck
    Issue 42, Winter 1995
    Peru: Making Sabotaje en la Selva
    Guyana: Jungle Explorations
    Colombia: Archaeology of San Agustin
    Ecuador: Leishmaniasis
    Ecuador: US & Ec. School Partnership
    So. Am.: Festivals in South America
    Issue 41, August 1995
    Peru: Stones and Ancient Peoples
    : Village Adventure
    : Viewing the Eclipse
    Chile: Climbing Mt. Pissis
    : Uninhabited Isla Santiago
    : Exploits of Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid
    : Hitchhiking in Patagonia
    Issue 40, May 1995
    So. Am.: Ozone and Ultraviolet: Is S.A. at Risk?
    Panama: Motorcycling the Darién.
    South/Central: Epiphytes–Plants up a Tree
    Venezuela: Angel Falls Discovery
    Venezuela: The Angel Brothers’ Adventures
    South Atlantic: Deception Island–Antarctic Peninsula Region
    Venezuela: The Yanomamö
    Ecuador: A Volunteer in the Rainforest
    Issue 39, December 1994
    Peru: The Re-Rediscovery of VIRA VIRA
    Peru: The Ruins of VIRA VIRA
    Peru: VIRA VIRA in Andean Context
    Ecuador: Fishermen of Sua
    Chile: Ghosttowns of Northern Chile
    Issue 38, September 1994
    Venezuela: A Geological Field Expedition in the Andes
    Peru: The Clay Lick of Manu
    Brazil: Preserving the Pantanal
    Bolivia: Travelling in Bolivia
    Peru: Kayaking the Colca Canyon
    Argentina: Gran Bajo de San Julian
    Issue 37, June 1994
    Argentina: Wild-West Shows & Rodeos in the Early 1900’s
    Brazil: Candomblé Rituals of Salvador de Bahia
    Brazil: Rainforest Destruction in Rondonia
    South Am.: How to Visit Sm. Islands w/o Destroying Them
    Peru/Bolivia: Rocks and their Meaning in Andean Mythology
    Issue 36, March 1994
    Guyana: Botany Expedition
    Equipment: Global Positioning Systems
    S.America: Venomous Snakes
    Falkland Isles: Stanley
    Issue 35, November 1993
    Suriname: Genealogy
    Chile: Punta Arenas
    Colombia: Dance Festival
    Peru: Archaeology
    Guatemala: Pacaya Volcano
    Issue 34, June 1993
    Ecuador: Train Ride
    S. America: Languages
    Venezuela: Cerro Kukenan
    Peru: Ancient Water System
    Peru: Television Assignment
    Brazil: Ludwig Update
    Issue 33, April 1993
    Ecuador: Bullfighting
    Brazil: Ludwig, Part II
    Peru: Biking Story
    Peru: Pusharo Petroglyohs
    Issue 32*, January 1993
    Brazil: Ludwig, Part I
    Peru: Rafting the Napo, Part II
    Peru: Machu Picchu Discoveries
    Venezuela: Araya Peninsula
    Brazil: Amazon
    Issue 31, May 1992
    Peru: Climbing Huascaran
    Ecuador: Rafting the Napo, Part I
    Chile: Mysteries of Easter Island
    Peru: Barchans of La Joya
    Issue 30, November 1991
    Chile: Condor Study
    Bolivia: Cholera Scam
    Colombia: Precolumbian Pottery
    Peru: Interview Vince Lee
    Peru: Travel By Burro
    Colombia: Lost City of the Tairona
    Issue 29, May 1991
    S. America: Source of Amazon
    Peru: Robert Randall Tribute
    Peru: Lost City Ramblers
    Venezuela: Entomological Study II
    Issue 28, February 1991
    Venezuela: Entomological Study I
    Brazil: Han Staden, Part III
    Peru: Adoption
    Peru: Travel by Bus
    S. America: Bicycle Trip
    Issue 27, November 1990
    Peru: Padre Ortiz Mission
    Costa Rica: Quakers in Monteverde
    Brazil: Hans Staden, Part II
    Paraguay: Richard Burton, War Correspondent
    Chile: Paso Leon Trek
    Issue 26, August 1990
    Brazil: Hans Staden, Part I
    Peru: 1941 Journey Down Huallaga
    S. America: Heights of S.A. Mountains
    S. America: Aguirre Controversy
    Costa Rica: Bushmasters
    Issue 25, May 1990
    Peru: Prospecting for Gold
    Venezuela: Climbing Auyantepui
    Chile: Lake District Hike
    Panama: Pearl Islands
    Brazil: Tamarins
    Peru: “Social Climbers” on Huascarán
    Issue 24, January 1990
    S. America: Courteville Expedition
    Galápagos: Marine Iguanas
    Antarctica: Kayaking
    Peru: Earthwatch Project
    Equipment: Compass for S.A.
    Peru: Interview Barry Walker
    Issue 23, November 1989
    Ven./Brazil: Humboldt on the Casiquiare
    Ven/Brazil: Casiquiare Mystery
    S. America: S. America Cannibalism
    S. America: History of Beer
    Peru: Climbing in the Huayhuash
    Chile: Boat Through the Fjords
    Issue 22, August 1989
    Peru: Puncuyoc, Inca Ruin
    Ecuador: Bicycling
    French Guyana: Adventure Story
    Chile: Easter Island
    Bolivia: Climbing Cololo
    Issue 21, May 1989
    : Amazon Tidal Bore
    Amazon: Candiru Fish
    Amazon: Trans-Amazon Road Rally
    Peru: Tambopata Nature Reserve
    Peru: Childhood in Peru, 1900’s
    Issue 20, January 1989
    Chile/Arg.: Skiing
    Argentina: Penguins of the Valdez
    Peru: Hiking Nevado San Juan
    S.America: Interview John Brooks, Editor S.A. Handbook
    Bolivia: Miners of Potosi
    S.America: Notable Toilets
    Issue 19, October 1988
    Panama/Col: Walking the Darién
    Galápagos: Non-Native Threats
    Brazil: Portuguese Tapes
    Peru: Looking for Paititi
    Brazil: The Pantanal
    S.America: Finding Work
    Issue 18, August 1988
    S.America: Aguirre, Wrath of God
    S.America: Quinoa, the Mother Grain
    Peru: Santa Catalina Convent
    Bolivia: Bolivian Solars
    Chile: Hiking Isla Navarino
    Issue 17, May 1988
    Peru: Interview Charles Munn, Macaw Expert
    Suriname: 17th Century Scientist, Maria Sibylla Merian
    Ecuador: Andean Experience
    Peru: In Search of Caves
    Peru: Taquile Island
    S.America: Biking Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Part II
    Issue 16, February 1988
    S.America: Biking Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Part I
    Ecuador: Ashuar Architecture
    Peru: Kayaking Paucartambo, Part II
    Bolivia: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    S.America: Interview with Loren McIntyre
    Panama: Hiking El Baru
    Issue 15, October 1987
    : Kayaking Paucartambo, Part I
    S.America: Voyages of Columbus
    Bolivia: Amboro National Park
    Peru: SAEC Club History
    Argentina: Mountain Passes Through the Andes
    Issue 14, July 1987
    Galápagos: Island Plant Life
    Venezuela: History of Roraima
    Bolivia: Gold Fields of Tipuani
    S. America: Tame Birds as Cultural Tracers
    Issue 13, July 1986
    Venezuela: The Yanomamö
    Chile: Kayaking the West Coast
    Peru: Gran Pajaten Controversy
    Argentina: Lost El Meson Meteorite
    Peru: Caving
    Issue 12, September 1985
    Venezuela: Kayaking the Amazon
    Chile/Arg: Beagle Channel Dispute
    Peru: Vilcabamba Revisited
    Peru: Condor Study
    Peru: Gran Vilaya
    Venezuela: German Conquistadors
    S.America: Foundation of International Community Assistance (FINCA)
    Issue 11, August 1984
    Venezuela: Jimmie Angel’s Lost City
    S.America: Poison Dart Frogs
    Ecuador: Indigenous Architecture
    Chile/Arg: Beagle Channel Dispute I
    Peru: Earthquake Prediction
    Issue 10, June 1983
    S.America: Andean Music
    Peru: Solar Energy
    Venezuela: Oilbirds
    Bolivia: Takesi Trail
    Chile: Huemul, Chile’s Deer
    Issue 9, January 1983
    : Kayaking
    : Lost City of the Tairona
    Brazil: Agassiz Expedition
    Peru: Nazca Lines
    Amazon Basin: Titi Monkeys
    Peru: Aguaruna Folktale
    Issue 8, August 1981
    S.America: Pigafetta, First Tourist
    Colombia: Lake Guatavita
    S.America: S.A. National Parks
    Peru: Huari Archaeology
    Colombia/Ven: Search for S.A. Pygmies
    Brazil/Arg: Itaipu Dam
    Bolivia: Laguna Colorada
    S.America: Mapping South America
    Issue 7, December 1980
    Panama/Col: Driving the Darién
    Peru: Andean Dyes
    Peru: Inca Trail Clean Up
    S.America: History of S.A. Handbook
    Ecuador: Searching for Treasure
    Ecuador: The Curaray by Dugout, Part II
    S.America: Explorer Aleixo Garcia
    Issue 6*, May 1980
    Ecuador: Monkeys
    Ecuador: The Curaray by Dugout, Part I
    S.America: The Golden Age of Guano
    Chile/Arg: Patagonia
    Andes: Travel with Pack Animals
    S.America: The Botfly
    Issue 5*, December 1979
    Peru: Trek to Chavin
    Peru: Colca Canyon
    Colombia: Bari Indians
    Ecuador: Cayapas Survey Expedition
    S.America: Double Amputee Mountain Climber
    S.America: Ancient Stone Inscriptions
    Issue 4, April 1979
    Andes: Enigmatic Whistling Huacos
    Amazon: Ethnobotany with Nicole Maxwell
    S.America: S.A. Bird Books
    Amazon: Building a Balsa Raft
    Amazon: Journey of Orellana
    Peru: Dots of Pantiacolla
    Issue 3*, August 1978
    Venezuela: Maria Lionza Voodoo Cult
    Bolivia: Underwater Treasure Hunting
    S.America: Caving
    Peru: Potato Hairs, Nature’s Pest Control
    History: Life with the Aguarunas
    Uruguay: Mysterious Death Tide
    S.America: Jeep Across the Amazon
    Issue 2, March 1978
    S.America: Jeep Across the Amazon
    Chile: Seagoing Mountaineers, Part II
    S.America: Bird Speciation
    Argentina: Jewish Gauchos
    Andes: Royal Inca Highway
    Peru: First Descent of the Marañon
    Peru: Dots of Pantiacolla
    Issue 1, October 1977
    Peru: The “Extinct” Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkey
    : Jeep across the Amazon, Part 1
    Peru: Dots of Pantiacolla
    Peru: Rafting the Urubamba
    Chile: Juan Fernandez Islands
    Chile: Sea-going

    Mountaineers, Part I
    Antartica: The Story of Krill

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    • Inca Trail tour operators
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  • All Things Gamers Must Know Concerning Agen Domino Online

    These days, the role play online free Agen Domino holds in the global gaming sector is definitely impressive. Though there are tons of active members partaking in Idola99 competitions around the globe, and more consumers which have already read about it, the idea is still very ambiguous to other folks. With luck, this brief article will help summarize and demonstrate a few intriguing things in that hobby, moreover answer the question-what is Domino.

    Usually, this is 1 game of luck, in which your success or failure hinges on accidental digits chosen. Due to Agen Domino’s hospitable style and simple rules, Agen Domino Online is becoming a huge success globally. The title Domino qq derives from the word lotto, which means some giveaway. While the background of Judi Domino Kiu kiu gaming has got few certain facts, multiple studies have granted us a faint but intriguing review of the story. The very first variation of that game had been purportedly held around the sixteenth century.

    The country of origins is considered to be Italy, though much conjecture and arguments arise. Soon after dominating its local market place, Domino QQ games spread to European countries.

    Ultimately, Judi Domino got to the States during the 20th century. One subsequent big advance in the gambling market took place following the introduction of the net. The first online free Domino games emerged and turned into an instant success. Generally, those matches are organized for recreation, while others make it their own work. Anybody resolving to play online free Domino 99 should know the leading guidelines.

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    Firstly, each gamer takes one or more cards equipped with 5 sequences of squares. Any row includes five random digits. Once your match starts, the house dealer announces accidental digits which should be covered up by some tile if listed on the card. A key aim is usually to cover over any numbers on a game card, or through a selected conjunction, and hereafter holler out the title of the activity. Subsequently, the card gets verified and when every aspect is right, one prize is offered. Despite our tremendous interest in classic Idola99.com sets, many users would rather enjoy specialty versions, or those with varied regulations.

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    To complete this, someone just has to perform a download and install the program. Next, members might at last play this game, even if only with electronic rivals. However, it’s more convenient to hold them on-line. Many people choose to engage in online Agen Domino Online Terpercaya for money. If your are talented and lucky, this can be a terrific selection. The fate of online DominoQQ games looks quite bright.

  • Bahia Blanca, Argentina Water Alert

    The Argentine city of Bahia Blanca has warned its 420 000 residents to avoid using tap water because it says it is laced with toxic bacteria that cause skin irritation and possibly neurological damage. “I’ve worked here for 25 years and I’d say this is the worst water crisis I’ve ever seen here,” city public health chief Ana Maria Reimers said on Tuesday. Reimers said several cases of skin rashes had been linked to the water.

    She quoted medical literature as saying the bacteria caused skin irritation in the short term and if consumed in large enough quantities could cause neurological damage.

    Bahia Blanca, 420 miles (685 km) southwest of Buenos Aires, is Argentina’s main petrochemical production base and a leading agricultural center. Residents first noticed a bad smell in their tap water on 10 Apr 2000. Municipal official are waiting for test results they requested a week ago from the city’s water supply company.

    ASK THE Bahia Blanca DOCTOR


    Q: When I was in South America, I saw some children in a remote village that had worms in their stools. What is this and is it dangerous?

    A: What are you describing sounds like an infection with roundworms. There are a number of species of nematodes (the scientific word for roundworms) that could be the culprit here. One likely candidate is Ascaris lumbricoides, the common roundworm, which is distributed worldwide and thought to infect more than one billion people – the most common parasitic infection in the world.

    Q: What happens if I get infected with these worms? What symptoms will I have?

    A: Most travelers have no symptoms, or merely vague abdominal complaints, in part because they may have only mild infections. Some with heavier infections will have epigastric pain, nausea and vomiting, and lung inflammation from new worms maturing by passing through the lungs or passage of a mature pencil-sized worm. There can be more serious symptoms such as intestinal blockage.

    Q: How do I find out if I have them?

    A: A diagnosis is made by looking at a stool sample under a microscope for the eggs of the worms. A mature female living in your small intestine can produce close to a quarter million eggs a day! Each type of worm has its own characteristic ova or eggs. It can also be diagnosed by identifying a mature worm that passed out your rectum. If this happens please save it in a jar. Blood tests are not useful for determining if you have Ascaris worms, though a type of white blood cell called eosinophils is often elevated with these infections.

    Q: How do I get treated if I do get these worms?

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    A: Albendazole, mebendazole, or pyrantel pamoate will treat ascariasis. The choice of appropriate medication depends on which other worms are also present Bahia Blanca. If you have multiple types of worms and need more than one medicine to get rid of them, always make sure the first medicine you take is effective against Ascaris worms. This is because mature Ascaris worms that are irritated but not killed by drugs (or fever or starvation) have a tendency to migrate to unusual places rather than staying in your small intestine. This can result in appendicitis, pancreatitis biliary obstruction, an intestinal perforation or obstruction.

    Q: How can I prevent getting worms?

    A: You want to prevent the eggs that are in Bahia Blanca contaminated soil from getting into your mouth. Avoid contaminated food – raw or uncooked vegetables are common culprits. Wash your hands with soap and water before eating or preparing food. Prevent children from pica (eating dirt).

    Q: Does this infection occur in the US?

    A: Yes, it continues to be a minor problem in the southeastern part of the US.