Air Travel in Peru

AEROCONTINENTE and LAN PERU are the only domestic airline flying to most major destinations in Peru:

Strike: Train to Machu Picchu

There are some much smaller airlines with only a few aircraft. TANS flies to Cusco, Tarapoto, Iquitos, Yurimaguas, Rioja, Juanjui and Pucallpa. AEROCONDOR flies to Cajamarca, Chimbote, Huanuco, Trujillo and Anta (Huaraz). LAN PERU flies to Arequipa and Cuzco (International flights to Miami and New York). T DOBLE A flies to Chachapoyas. TACA PERU is to start operations soon with flights to Cusco and Iquitos.

ENAFER, the Peruvian train company, is on strike to protest the upcoming privatization of trains in Peru. The train tracks broken by protesters may be repaired by August 20, 1999.

No trains are available from Cusco to Machu Picchu or Puno. It is unknown when train service will be up and running.

If you’d like to hike the Inca Trail, take a tour bus to Km 82, then enter the trail at Km 88. Be aware that there may be no trains back, however, and that you may have to spend a few days at Aguas Calientes. If you don’t have time to hike the Inca Trail, you can get a bus to Km 82, and then hike along the train tracks to Machu Picchu, which takes about 10 hours.

The South American Explorers Club is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, scientific and educational organization that was founded in 1977 for the following purposes:

    • to advance and support all forms of scientific field exploration and research in South and Central America in such areas as biology, geography, anthropology, and archaeology, as well as to collect information on field sports such as whitewater running, mountaineering, caving, and others


    • to collect and distribute contributions donated for specific educational and scientific research projects that fall within the Club’s aims and purposes.


    • to further the exchange of information among scientists, explorers, and travelers of all nationalities with the purpose of advancing knowledge of South and Central America.


    • to collect and make available reliable information on all institutions, research centers, and organizations in South and Central America that benefit scientists, explorers, and travelers pursuing scientific and educational goals.


    • to promote greater interest in and appreciation for endangered peoples, wilderness conservation and wildlife protection.

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The contact information below is for offices in Lima:

Av. Pardo 651, Miraflores
Sales 242-4242 or 433-1667
Main Office 242-4260
Fax 241-8098

Av. Arequipa 5200, Miraflores
Sales 575-3842 & 575-3843
Main Office 445-7327
Fax 445-7107

Juan de Arona 781, San Isidro
Sales 442-5663
Main Office 422-4214
Fax 221-5783

Paz Soldan 225, San Isidro
Sales 446-6995
Main Office 215-1800
Fax 215-1818

Main Office 241-7077 or 446-0033

Av. Pardo 640, Miraflores, Lima 18
Sales 242-1980
Fax 446-2120

Outside of Peru contact your own travel agent. As far as we are aware LANPERU is the only airline that can be booked through on-line reservation systems such as Amadeus and Sabre. Currently, their prices for a one-way ticket from Lima to Cuzco start at $49. The SAE Cusco Clubhouse recommends LanPeru for safety, comfort and reliability over AeroContinente and Tans.